Welcome to Seared Bistro & Bar

Our gastronomical Bistro & Bar on the entry floor has a casual approach, with a bustling environment, and a dedicated passion to its cuisine. full of bold flavours and spices.

At the bar, you will find our take on classic cocktails. We as well offer a very wide range of agave spirits, ranging from tequilas, to mezcals and sotols we also offer a large selection of whiskey, rums & gin.

Allow yourselves to indulge in some of the international lifestyle, and let us show you our own brand of fiesta.

Seared Steak-house on the upper floor will open soon.

Opening hours

  1. Mon - Tue
  2. Wed - Thu
  3. Fri - Sat
  4. Sun Closed

Lunch served:
Monday - Friday 11:00-15:00